Sydney International Airport Parking – Fear of Flying?!

Although flying is one of the safest ways to travel, this fact does not help those people who are having fear of flying. Many studies have shown that millions of people are afraid of flying, despite the very low number of accidents compared to other types of transport. As with all other fears, there are few ways in which fear of flying can be overcame.

Look at fear as an unpleasant feeling that needs to be over-cоme. In most cases, the fear of flying is combination of more fears. You may be afraid of heights or being in an enclosed space. Or simply afraid of turbulence and noisy sounds accompanied by flying. Most often, fears come from something that happened in the past and its roots should be found. The best way to overcome fear is to expose yourself in small doses. Search for information how planes fly. They stay in the air as well as cars on the highway. Turbulence is a movement of the air, just like when there is a hole on a road. Flights are well planned in detail and there are no prospects for two planes to crash.

If turbulence is what scares you the most, try to find a seat as close as possible to the wings. Do not sit close to the tail, because the turbulence is strongest there. Book tickets for the first class if your budget is allowing it. The first class seats will give you the comfort to relax. Many people are afraid of heights and it is best to sit away from the windows. If fear comes from claustrophobia, sit close to the window, because the view outside can calm you down.

Get your thoughts out of the flying by doing something completely insignificant.  Take a smartphone, tablet or laptop to drag your attention away and not to think about the risks. Read your favorite book or resolve mathematical game. Make a list of movies that you planned to watch for a long time. Watching movies may be the best spent time. Stress can also be caused by the surrounding. Crying babies, ragged children, load conversation are common. Put your headphones and enjoy some music.

The most important thing is do not let fear overcome you. If fear starts to appear during a flight, do not let it turn into panic. You can follow this method: inhale for 4 seconds; hold your breath for 4 seconds; exhale for 4 seconds; repeat until you calm down. Tell flight attendants that you have fear of flying. They have been faced with these situations so many times that they already know how to help you.

In order not to confront with additional issues, book your secure spot on Sydney international airport parking and enjoy your time flying.

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