Sydney Airport Parking – The Safer Parking Scheme

Parking strategy to improve security
Parking strategy can be used to reduce and prevent crime against vehicles in congested areas in order to improve the urban environment by adjusting relative costs for both long and short term parking. Needless to say, air travel is more popular than ever, so the parking strategy is therefore used to develop and design safe parking lots at airport parking Sydney for all of these cars to park. The airport operator can establish a foundation of goals and objectives and determine which technologies are worth investing in to implement measurements that support safety and to assure security.

Lighting to improve visibility
There are so many solutions and design approaches available that can make the parking place safe and convenient. Some of the most important element is the lightning architecture and not just to guide people where pedestrian area is, but to eliminate dead spots in which thieves might hide. Safety professionals are familiar with the fact that colour of the wall should be white to enhance bright all over the place. The type of the lighting used is another consideration -planners should avoid white lighting and install metal halide lighting as it prevents certain overlaps and shadows in the parking structures.

Landscaping standards
The primal intent of the landscaping is to enhance the aesthetic as a simple and inexpensive solution and provide shade protection at first place. The issue remains that landscaping facilities can be an excellent hiding place for the attacker. This statement requires special attention when selecting which tree species can be planted for the infrastructure development across the site. The trees selected needs to be clean, low maintenance with minimal mess around and do not attract bird populations that may damage the parked vehicles around.

Parking under surveillance
Every car park needs to be covered by video surveillance and monitored 24/7 from unauthorised people especially during peak travel periods. The more cameras you have on the parking lot – the better so the undesirable events can’t take place. Benefits of a CCTV are obvious if they are positioned effectively to cover every single area of interest, which means the location must be carefully selected to protect the entire assembly. Another important suggestion is to monitor the installed CCTV system the entire time because only the presence of security cameras is not enough to discourage the criminals. If someone is attacked within a parking zone, all CCTV cameras immediately focus on that parking lot, so video cameras record any activity, and security stuff is immediately dispatched.

Reliable telephone Lines
Adding emergency phones provides direct contact with a security personal and can enhance safety only by picking the handset with a function similar as a panic button. Emergency phones are also very useful devices so the visitors can inform about direction issues and ask questions – their presence alone gives people a peace of mind adding another level of security and protection.
Each of these structures and architectural security measurement can play a vital role in parking safety. So what more can be done to prevent threats at the airports? In any parking security program there is one essential step: integration. Burgles are much less likely to commit a crime in a parking lot or structure if they know that there are tools and strategies in place to catch them, and that they are likely to get discovered if they do commit a crime. Subsequently, if travellers know what security tools are in place, they are much more confident in the services offered and more likely to use appliances properly if they do find themselves in trouble.
The best way to design a parking structure successfully is to think a lot about security. An effective airport parking Sydney lot can be easy achieved by implementing the right combination reliable price, fast shuttles and frendly service.

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